26 May 2011


Yesterday I started a speedpainting project. I will paint as often as possible, and my goal is to paint them under one hour. Yhea!

The Traveller

Stupid rain..

The Mighty Mistmaker

24 May 2011

I like markers

Salut! Been trying out some copic markers, never really drawn alot with markers before, but it was really cool:] especially these, because they didn't bleed out and the colors blended nice together.

Voodoo Crowman, Pen, ink and markers. I started out thinking his siluette was just a big hunchback ball of fur, and then the head, arms and skinny long legs were just poking out.

Chewie! Pen and markers.

Senior Mutant Turtle, Pen, ink, markers and akryll paint on pizza cardboard. Was thinking of making a little 2d animation of him..

..and therfore I made a little maquette. Made of supersculpey and fimo.

10 May 2011

Pig Noir

Pig detective character concepts sketches for a school project.

08 May 2011

Vilppu day

My drawings from the Glenn Vilppu course on saturday. It was really nice, too bad it was only for one day.