10 January 2012

Stop Motion Bachelor Project: Warp

I'm currently working on my bachelor movie Warp. The story is about a Clockmaster and his young apprentice. They run a big clocktower that move time itself forward! The movie will be made in Stop Motion animation technique.

Here are some concept pictures that I've made:

A Maquette of the Clockmaster

Ball & socket joint armature for the Clockmaster

We ordered the joint parts from John Wright modelmaking and soldered them together our self.
We are trying to make the heads with rapid prototyping. First model the heads on the computer in Maya, and then we will be printing them out in different parts so we can use them as replaceable parts when we animate. The parts will look something like this:


Link to our production blog: http://warpfilm.blogspot.com/

Inspired by the Terran Marauder unit in Starcraft.