08 December 2012


Hola! I wanted to practice a little skin coloring on this confused ogre in Photoshop.

First I did a fast line sketch, and then I made a black & white shading for the values, thinking the key light came from above right. At this stage I felt he missed something. So I gave him a mustache. But then he looked like a pirate, so I added some tusks to make him more ogreish.

Then I used the fantastic color layer and painted in the base skin color. For the lighting I mostly used the soft light layer, and painted a warm key light,  a cool fill light and a cooler rim light.  I added in some more color variations for the skin. Especially where the skin was thin and blood would shine trough and there would be some sub surface scattering (ear,nose etc.). This was done with a lot of layers on top of each other, thinking of what was underneath the actually skin. The rest was adding details like veins, hair, highlights.

25 November 2012

06 November 2012

12 October 2012

Small animation

Found an old puppet at home and made a little animation in my tiny room :)

07 August 2012

Finnished! and more

We are finnished with our exam film Warp, and here's a little poster to celebrate! The film will premiere at the AnimationVolda festival (http://www.animationvolda.com/)  in september.
Currently I have started my internship at Qvisten Animation working on their new and very exciting stop motion feature "Solan og Ludvig: Jul i Flåklypa".  

I have also started working on my online portfolio http://kklportfolio.blogspot.com/


27 May 2012

09 March 2012

Animation test

A small animation test I did of the clockmaster from our bachelor short.

08 March 2012

21 February 2012

Stop Motion Puppet Finished!

 This is the finished Clockmaster puppet I've made for our Bachelor film Warp! The face has replaceable mouths and eyebrows for some fun animating. The hands and shoes are cast in rubber silicon. We decided to sculpt the heads for our puppets in Super Sculpey Firm to save time and money. 
Check out: http://warpfilm.blogspot.com/ for the Apprentice puppet and some process pictures:)

Clockmaster turnaround from kristian theman on Vimeo.

09 February 2012

Markers and pencils.

10 January 2012

Stop Motion Bachelor Project: Warp

I'm currently working on my bachelor movie Warp. The story is about a Clockmaster and his young apprentice. They run a big clocktower that move time itself forward! The movie will be made in Stop Motion animation technique.

Here are some concept pictures that I've made:

A Maquette of the Clockmaster

Ball & socket joint armature for the Clockmaster

We ordered the joint parts from John Wright modelmaking and soldered them together our self.
We are trying to make the heads with rapid prototyping. First model the heads on the computer in Maya, and then we will be printing them out in different parts so we can use them as replaceable parts when we animate. The parts will look something like this:


Link to our production blog: http://warpfilm.blogspot.com/

Inspired by the Terran Marauder unit in Starcraft.