09 January 2014


11 from Kristian on Vimeo.

This was my submission to the 11 secondclub animation competition in december. I thought it was a funny audio clip (and I had vacation) so i wanted to give it a try. And I ended on a 3rd place (: 

 Soldering together the armature.

A clayman coming to life. The yellow things are a new product i wanted to try called Sugru. It's a self setting rubber, and I used it to create areas I can hold while animating. It worked really good!

My pro set up in the corner of our living room.


  1. looking great, what you using for tie downs?

  2. Thank you:) I'm using 3mm rods and butterflyskrews to tie down the feet.

  3. Superb, would love to see more behind the scenes pics.